Rise Up After A Break Up Gift Box® by Robiins


The Rise Up After A Break-Up® gift box is a powerful tool designed to help you move forward following the loss of a relationship that was important to you. It can help you let go of your suffering and move you forward into your next happiness.

The gift box contains:

  • Boyfriend Bonfire Book – A handbook with a suggested practice designed to help process your emotions, discover your truth about the relationship, and set you free.

  • Stationery paper (20 sheets) – Write yourself a letter acknowledging the gifts you gave yourself during the relationship.

  • Wish Paper (5 sheet packet) – Jot down your hopes and dreams on this unique paper, light it up, and send it upward into the sky.

  • Affirmation wristband – An inspiring affirmation wristband to reminds you that you are love and to move forward.

  • Dried sage – This herb clears negative energies and will restore self-esteem.

  • Seed paper – Isn’t it time to plant some seeds? Write the attributes you want in your next relationship on this seed paper, plant, and watch them grow.

  • Matches – Ignite the spark to burn your letter.

    * In the spirit of full disclosure, we want you to know that the book in this gift box uses she/her and he/him pronouns. We intend to update this product soon. Thank you.

Made in the U.S.A.

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This kit is really cool & has everything needed to bounce back after a break-up. I bought it for a friend who seemed to finally be moving on from an unhealthy long-term relationship but... they got back together. So I'll save it for when they're ready. I flipped through everything & it almost made me want to get into a relationship just so I could use it myself!
- Andrea Sanchez

It’s a beautiful little box with lots of activities for a positive journey of moving on!
- Catie McCaslin

Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect to help my friend with her recent breakup!
- Alison