The Always In Our Hearts gift box contains:

  • Always in Our Hearts Book – A guided journal with a suggested practice designed to help process your emotions, honor the relationship with your baby and memorialize them.
  • Wish Paper (5 sheet packet) – Jot down a message to your baby or send them your hopes and dreams on this unique paper, light it up, and send it upward to the sky.
  • Wristband – Wear this affirmation wristband to remind yourself that you always carry the love for your baby with you. And to remind you that you are loved and to keep moving forward.
  • Forget-Me-Nots seed packet – Flowers are another way to memorialize your baby. We’ve chosen Forget-me-nots, which are a flowering plant that will bloom year after year. They thrive in many environments — even dense urban areas — and are known to draw butterflies to the planter or garden where they are flourishing. According to several legends, this flower is a symbol of everlasting friendship, remembrance, and eternal love. After your memorial fire, plant the Forget-me-nots and care for them as they grow. We hope the blossoms that appear will remind you of your beloved baby.



I have known Andrea for years and have always admired her work in the world of grief and loss. It’s what prompted me to encourage her to create a tool for women experiencing this type of loss. After going through it myself – I saw firsthand how no number of flowers, chocolates, or cards help ease the pain. Women need tools. A place to go to journal, reflect, feel, process, and heal.

That’s exactly what she created. I am so honored to have played a small role in this beautiful gift box, - Always in Our Hearts™ – and hope it can bring some peace to any woman going through the unimaginable loss of a baby. I highly recommend her work to anyone experiencing grief and loss – it’s changed my life and the lives of my patients.”
-Dr. Abby Kramer
Holistic Physician, Be Optimal

“I have a couple I am referring to you that had a miscarriage in January 2020 and have not grieved it in a productive way. Do you think I should have them call you or just go to your website to order the Always In Our Hearts™ gift box?
-Tim O'Donohue, LCPC,
Founder of the RelationshipStore Counseling & Coaching Center

“Hey!!! I really love it. I wish I could give you more constructive feedback, but I’m really impressed with all of it. No suggestions or edits from me.
-Dr. Christy Matusiak, D.C.
Integrated Holistic Healthcare