The Loss of a Loved One Gift Box is a powerful tool designed to help you move forward following the loss of a loved one.

The Always in Our Hearts Gift Box can help you let go of your suffering and move you forward.

The gift box will:

  • Give you a way to say goodbye to the relationship
  • Give you a way to express your feelings
  • Give you a way to move forward


"As a holistic doctor, I find an absolute need for tools to support people through difficult times; especially when they experience loss. Stress and emotions absolutely affect our function and health. Robiin's tools have been incredibly useful for the many patients that I've had use them. From my experience, the tools allow them to move through their grieving process rather than to get or feel stuck and as a result, they achieve a greater state of health. I have already requested a handful of the Loss of a Loved One® gift boxes, if not processed, even 5-10+ years later, can still deeply affect us. I am very grateful for this amazing, easy, and creative tool." 

- Dr. Cari Jacobson, DC Chiropractor & Holistic Physician


“Do you have a gift box specifically for someone who has lost their father? If so, I’d like to buy it for my wife in advance of Father’s Day. Let me know.” Adam Gurney, Attorney, Gurney Law Firm


“Hi Andrea, where may I purchase a “grief box”? I have a client who lost the father of her kids. Her first love. I know she needs to help heal. - Jennifer Asidao-Querubin, Founder and CEO, Reach Your Highest Potential